Flowers grow all around,

Bunnies hop on the ground,

People know the time has come,

The time when everyone one can joyfully hum,

Easter eggs are received,

Chocolates are retrieved,

A time of love and peace,

Where only hatred should cease,

People no longer care,

Their minds are renewed with fresh air,

Let’ call have a chocolate feaster,

It is finally Easter!




Book Review: The girl of Ink and stars

Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave

The girl of Ink and stars is about a girl called Isabella whose father is a cartographer. One day one of her classmates is found dead in the Orchard and so her friend goes to find out who killed her. Lupe (Isabella’s friend) has gone to the Forbidden forest and Isabella takes it upon herself to go find her, but a scary myth is waking from it’s sleep…

I liked this book because it was unpredictable what was going to happen next and there was always suspense. It was also very gripping and I could not put the book down.

Although this book was very good, there were some bits that I did not like. There were a lot of people who died and there were some mysteries that did not get revealed which disappointed me a bit.

Overall, this book was quite gripping and interesting. I enjoyed it, but would not call it my favourite book. I would recommend this book to 9+. I rate this book 4 stars.


As I walked through the woods to get to the small cottage at the end, I could hear the Christmas bells ringing in the background. All around me were fairy lights brighting up the night, and never before had I felt so excited for christmas Day. I could just about smell the mince pies and hot chocolates being sold out in the streets of the town. The birds chirped as they snuggled in their nests, and it made me realise how warm I felt in my thick, furry jacket and my warm, winter boots. Although I was still strolling through the snow I could still make out the graceful melody of the choir: it was beautiful. Even though it was snowing with the most intricate, delicate snowflakes, there was still a blanket of leaves covering the ground. My hands were warm, they were covered by gloves, but I could still feel the light, tickling touch as the snow bounced on to my hands and then off again. My mouth was dry and cold but I did not care because nothing, nothing at all, could overcome the joy of Christmas Day.


By Thalia

Book review: Far from home

Author: Berlie Doherty

Far from home is a descriptive book about two young girls (who are sisters) whose parents both die and they are left by themselves. At the start of the book they are hiding in someone’s house, until one day a life changing experience comes up:however, many things make them feel scared and worried as they try to work out the world around them…

One of the things I liked about this book is that it kept me guessing what was going to happen and it made me not want to put the book down. As well as that the book had a variety of scenes and the characters were described so well I could clearly see what they looked like.

One thing I did not like about the book is that it left me wanting to know more. It did not leave me satisfied because I wanted to know a little bit more about what was going on.

Overall Far from home is an intriguing book aimed for ages 9, 10, 11 or older. I would recommend it for people who like emotional books which are also very tense and interesting. I would give this book 5 stars.

The reunion – part 1.

The lights flashed and the candles flickered. In the old building with wooden floors hung large photos, suspended by a piece of thread, which shook till they were on their last legs.

I sat in silence as the storm raged on outside. The lights had just gone out so I could clearly see the lightning striking the city.  I knew very well what was happening – I had been warned all week long; however, I felt worried and alone. My mother had died when I was only one year old but no-one seemed to care. Even though I had been through many scary experiences nothing could top this.

Suddenly the door opened.  A woman with a long black coat and tall boots walked slowly and menacingly in.  She stopped before she reached the tables. There was something strange about her though, she walked in the same way as me.  Her eyes desperately scanned the room and then stopped on the large wall at the back. Cautiously she pushed her hood back. I gasped. It was my mother.

By Thalia

My goals

My goal for this week is to get on to excellent choices. My goal for the month is to try and get full triangles in all of my work. My goal for the year is to keep participating in class. I will do all of these by concentrating and keeping track of what is going on. I will not talk to the person beside me.

By Thalia