Do you know your rugby?

There is going to be 10 questions on rugby.

1: Who won the European cup last year?

2: Who won the english Premireship last year?

3: Can you name 2 wingers?

4: When did England win the world cup?

5:  Who won the 2015 world cup?

6: Who was man of the match in the 2015 final?

7: Can you name a fly half?

8: Can name a prop?

9: Can you name a full-back?

10: Can you name a hooker?


Please could everybody try this quiz and then I will post the answers as a comment.

Language Quiz

Match up the corresponding meanings of language!

I will tell you the answers at school!

Extra points for guessing correct English! 😀

करी                                  Spicy Curry (Hindi)
                                     (Tea) Malayalam 

de nada                                                                       Chocolate     (French)

Chocolat                                                                    Chocolate Cake  (German)


ചായ                                     Fragola  (Italian)
 Color                             (American English)                                           

Colour                                                                     (British English)

Strawberry                           You 're welcome  ( Spanish)