Gandalf the Grey

This is about why I like Gandalf the Grey!

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He is a wizard-magical, I like magical things or people -like Harry Potter- so that is my first reason. My second reason is because he disappears quite a lot in the Hobbit which makes you want to find out what he is doing and why he keeps doing that. And because he also has really cool quotes like- “A Wizard is never late. Nor he is early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”

Any how, I recommend that you read the Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings!

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I don’t want to give too much away about this book as it is J.K Rowling’s new book and not so many people have read it but…

It is about Harry and his son Albus Severus Potter when Albus is chosen to be in Slytherin and he he tries to go back and rescue Cedric with his best friend- who is Scorpius Malfoy – but it all goes wrong and Hermoine, Ron, Ginne, Harry, Albus and Draco have to try and save time from Delphi who claims she is Voldemort’s daughter. Anyway I am not going to tell you anymore and I’ll leave you to find out! (It is a special edition, script)

It is an AR book which is worth 6 points and its level is 3.9

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Book Review-

The books I am going to review are Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector and Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector Arty’s Revenge. The first one is about how Aggie Lichen stopped the evil Arty Granger from taking over Pilpsiville. Arty used to be a Pilp collector until he went into Grublin City and became their leader. The second one is about how Arty has stolen Myrtle (Aggie’s younger sister) but it actually turns out that Gertie Cruet did it. And now Arty has turned everybody in Pilpsiville into Grublins, although I don’t know if Aggie has fully turned into a Grublin. I really want to read the third book and find out more about Aggie Lichen. I recommend you read these books.

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Lily Alone

Lily Alone s a great book by Jacqueline Wilson although it can be sad and scary at times. It is about a girl called Lily who has two sisters- Bliss and Pixie- and her brother Baxter.Her mum goes on holiday to Spain with this new boyfriend when Bliss and Baxter’s dad were supposed to look after them but he was in Glasgow so Lily looks after them then a tragedy happens…

I don’t really like the ending part because it doesn’t tell you what happens next and I wanted to know what happened to Lily so I rate it 9/10.

Perfectly Ella

Perfectly Ella is a great book because it tells you about Ella’s life and how she lives with her 3 sisters- Amelia, Chloe and Lucy. They all live with their Mum but they go over to their dad’s house every Wednesday and Saturday. I would recommend this book to children who love reading books that are to do with families.

Our Day to Day

On a Monday we would start with English -Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings- then we would start the actual English lesson. After break and worship we have Guided reading. In our Guided reading groups we have six tables in our classroom but we only use five of them (Red, Purple, Green,Orange, Blue). Then, we have maths, after lunch we have R.E. and PSCHE. In our school we have this thing called the Golden Table which is when the teachers pick three or two people and at lunch time they get to sit on this table that is gold. They also get to invite a friend or a teacher or your parents.

The shifters’ curse

It was an ordinary day in Butler lane, where a boy called Charlie was busily unpacking his stuff. He had just moved house here and only recently found out that he was a shape-shifter, Charlie had mastered the arts of changing into a eagle and extinct animals. Although he had a lot to learn.

By the time he had finished unpacking, he came across a book on the front page it said ‘Diary of Harry Dragtly’, Charlie knew who Harry Dragtly was- he was his great great great great grandfather. But he didn’t know that he too was a shape- shifter. Suddenly he heard a shuffling movement outside his bedroom door. ‘Mum’ called Charlie ‘Is that you?’ Unfortunately it wasn’t then the hinges of his door creaked open. BANG…

Charlie woke up lying agaisnt the floor with the book he recently found in one hand and a piece of black material in the other. He then noticed that he wasn’t in his room anymore he was in a deep dark room full of lots of pictures and knights armour. It was just like the picture he saw in his great great , great, great grandfather’s diary. Charlie got up and walked around the darken room not knowing what he will have an encounter with.

As he travelled deeper into the hallway he met a tiny dragon. ‘Hi there!’ said Charlie excitedly. ‘Rrrraaagggghhh’ screamed the dragon as it grew bigger and bigger. Just then, Charlie turned into a ice- breathing dragon the other dragon was frightened when he saw Charlie but when Charlie breathed ice he was even more frightened. SMASH! Charlie had just frozen the fire- breathing dragon and he fell down.

‘Huh’ breathed Charlie as he sweated rapidly. He was even more curious to see what will happen next. As he shifted from every pole he noticed that somebody was watching him. ‘Come out, Come out where ever you are?’ said the man menacingly. Charlie came out from where he was hiding and there right in front of him was the person that was haunting his dreams. ‘I think you’re holding my diary there.’ Immediately, Charlie knew it was his grandfather his grandfather was an enemy to the whole family but he didn’t want him to get his hands on his power.  He didn’t know what to do next…




Book Review: Constable and Toop by Gareth P. Jones

Constable and Toop is a great book because it is about a boy  who can see ghost and the ghost are trying to stop this illness with the houses.  Whereas there is a man killing the rouge ghost (ghost that anybody can see and are usually grey) and the boy puts a stop to the killing. I also like this book because it is sort of like jumping from one part to another and then in the end it sort of sums up the different parts. My favourite character was Clara because she didn’t know much about ghost and when she found a list she was very curious about ghosts. I didn’t dislike this book at all but i think there should be another book about Constable and Toop. I recommend this book to ages 8 and older and I rate it 9 out of 10.

By Nana