my favourite memory!

My favourite memory is when Connor fell in the pond at Sayers Croft. This is my favourite memory because Connor caught a fish in his boot! It was very funny and people laughed about it for ages. Also Damian fell into the same pool.

fellowship of the ring book review

The Fellowship of the ring is a book by J.R.R Tolkien and has many famous parts in it. It is a sequel to the Hobbit and a prequel to the other two books in the Lord of the rings series, which are called (in the order of which they are in) the two towers and the return of the king.

This is a good book because although it can be a bit long winded in some places it has battles, imagination and fantasy and of course adventure. I also think it is a good book because it has friendship and some Christian values. The christian values are: companionship, faithfulness and perseverance.

I dislike this book because the author likes to have detail and precision in his writing and I understand that is his way of writing but some descriptions are long winded.

I would rate this book four and a half stars. I would recommend that this book should be read by people ten or over.

By Joshua.

Do you know your rugby?

There is going to be 10 questions on rugby.

1: Who won the European cup last year?

2: Who won the english Premireship last year?

3: Can you name 2 wingers?

4: When did England win the world cup?

5:  Who won the 2015 world cup?

6: Who was man of the match in the 2015 final?

7: Can you name a fly half?

8: Can name a prop?

9: Can you name a full-back?

10: Can you name a hooker?


Please could everybody try this quiz and then I will post the answers as a comment.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a magical book. It is about Harry’s final year at Hogwarts, which is a magical school, and it is a very busy year because there is tests to be taken and battles to be fought. Come with Harry as he penetrates a bank and fights the final showdown with the ultimate bad guy. It is a good book  because it is about friendship, adventure and magic. I would recommend this book for  people 7+. I would rate it 4 and half stars.



















Star Battle Part 1!

I was shaking as I entered my Starfighter for the first time in my life. I was to go out into battle and shoot down a whole entire space converted criuser. Thankfully I was going with 200 other people. I had been told that the ship we were attacking was heavily guarded. I had a backup driod if anything went wrong. It was time for us to go out into battle…To be continued.

What I am going to do in the October half – term break.

I am going to go to Norfolk in the half – term break to visit some friends with my gran, brother, mum and dad. We are going for 4 days. We will stay in a cottage. We will go up to Norfolk on the first Saturday of the holidays and come back on the Wednesday. On the second weekend I will go down to Woking to see my other grandparents and my uncle who lives in Austrailia. Overall I think I have a busy holiday planned.

Weekends at my home.

When the weekends come I often have a long lie in. Then usually I then go downstairs to have breakfast. Then I have a bit of play time. After that I get dressed and brush my teeth and go downstairs and see what we are doing that day. Somtimes we go to a rugby match or just go out somewhere or just stay at home. On Sunday unless if we are away, we always go to church. As you have read I always have a busy weekend!