The queen and her servant

There was once a queen and her loyal servant; the queen ruled over an “evil” kingdom and her servant obeyed everything she had ordered him, even if it meant erasing someone’s life.  After all- they’re twins, separated by fate.

The queen fell in love with a man of blue, but a girl of green was “standing in her way”.  The way that they laughed with each other and the way that they talked together made the queen feel jealous.  She ordered the destruction of the country that the green-haired girl ruled.  She had also ordered her servant to kill the girl that had “stolen her the person she loved”.  Everyone had obeyed her, knowing that she will banish them; or worse- exacute them.  The servant had carried out his task, despite feeling sadness.  Many people had lost their loved ones and had nowhere to live.  The remaining people had started a revolution, led by a swordswoman in red armour.

The soldiers had been defeated, the servants had escaped… the queen was going to die.  She stared at the clock, “Oh, it’s teatime.” the words left her mouth before her life had slipped away.

There was once a queen; her selfish actions had caused her sibling to pass away.  Of course, no one knew that but untill many, many years later…

The mysterious cassette tape part 4

I was transported into another room; it was my room.  I noticed that there is a person there.  It was me the moment before I died.  Violet kicked the front door open ‘I need to help.’.  The past me was frozen in place.  “You need to run,” I muttered, when I  heard Violet’s light footsteps going up the stairs.  Suddenly, the door was kicked open and an insane Violet walked towards my past self; she cut the what-was-once-alive version of me into little pieces. “Goodbye dongsaeng.” she whispered. Violet noticed the cassette tape laying on the ground and picked it up.  The dark-haired girl listened to it and said: “I need to destroy this, I don’t want anyone to know that I killed lots of people before.” with a hint of sadness in her voice.  She took out a match and started a fire.

A bright light filled the room; I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to harm them.  A few seconds later, I found myself in a white room, if you can call it that, it was more of an empty space.  I started to walk aimlessly; before I was about to give up, a  random door appeared.  I ran to that door (before getting a stitch).  A few moments later, I opened the door, ‘I made it.’.  A girl with black hair sat on a pink chair ‘how does she have a chair? There is nothing here…’.  She has a tablet (the device one) in her hand ‘How did she get a tablet?’.  “Think of something, and it will appear in front of you,” the tall girl said, “Are you talking to me?” I asked curiously, “yes, who else would I be talking to,”. “Who are you?” I asked “My name is Jenny.” “My n-” I started, “I know who you are, I created you.”

Are few moments later, I started to think about my past.  I was an only child; but I used to have an older sister.  She disappeared and the only things that she left behind were her belongings and a pool of blood.  She was missed by my family and everyone else that she knew.  She was so popular that someone even put  a vase of various flowers on her desk.  There are still flowers on the desk and nobody sits on that desk because apparently it’s “Reserved for her” as her body was never found.   It was a so long ago that I don’t remember her name.  I remember it began with a ‘v’.  Was it vanessa?  Venus? Victoria? Voldermort?  Now I’m just thinking of random stuff.

“I found it!” Jenny yelled, as I screamed.  “I have never heared someone scream so loudly; it might scare off predators.” “Wh-” “don’t question my randomness.”.  A random tune came out of the dark-haired girl’s bag.  She took a phone out and received the call, “Potato!” she said, the person who was calling her replied with a “potato!”

The only thing that they were saying was “potato”.  After the call ended, she turned back to me, “What was I ab- oh I Remember!” she yelled, “Here.” she said, putting a phone in my hand.  “I put in my friends phone numbers in it in case I get killed. And you can exit this place using the door over there.” the dark-eyed girl pointed to a door that was floating

After I went through the door, I landed on a pile of leaves.  I opened my eyes to see where I was.  I’m in a… forest?  ‘I thought it was going to be more…blank.’ I shrugged the thought off and strolled into the forest.  I noticed that there is a path made of leafs ‘Is… someone helping me?’ I thought as I shrugged another thought off.  I reached a fork in the path with signs in the middle. The left one had a red scribble on top of it and a piece of paper over half of it; the paper said: ‘Warning: you will d’ and I think it was supposed to say: ‘Warning: you will die.’.  The middle one said: ‘Meep’; and the right one said: ‘you will go to heaven.  But you will never know the truth.’, ‘The truth?’ I chose the ‘meep’ path as I didn’t want to die and… I want to learn the truth.  I walked past the ‘meep’ sign.  my vision turned black.

I slowly opened my eyes.  The person that was in front of me was… Violet? “What are you doing here?” I asked her  “Am I not aloud to look after my younger sibling after they have been unconsious for a… few days ?” ‘Younger… sibling…? Unconscious?.’.

A few months passed, I found out that our parents died a long time ago and the only person who was in our family (that was an adult and is alive) was our aunt.  She was nice and caring (like my sister) and would get us almost anything for us.

I caught an illness that caused me to die.  My friends and family missed me; a vase of flowers were put on my desk everyday.  I am a ghost now.  A shining light flooded the room;  a female voice said: “You weren’t supposed to die. But… I guess you can go to the place where you are supposed to go.”. My vision faded away into darkness.

I woke up in a dark room with words every where.  The strange part was that… the words told my life.  Suddenly, the words all turned red and said: ‘die.’ or ‘dead.’ or something along those lines.  A girl appeared in front of me.  The girl was the opposite of Jenny.  She had white hair, completely white eyes with blood pouring out of them, no glasses and she wore a black dress.  ‘YoU aRe NoT SuPpoSeD To Be HeRe,’ a text box said, ‘DIE,’ my body felt like it was torn apart when the word appeared.

Too… long… it felt… too long.  I felt like I was falling into a never ending hole full of darkness.  I can’t do anything.  I can’t speak, I can’t move; I am just a lifeless doll.

The end (probably).

By Jenny.

Warrior cats: into the wild- book review

Warrior cats: into the wild by Erin Hunter is about a cat called Rusty that went into the forest.  He met Bluestar  (the leader of Thunder clan), Lionheart (a warrior) and Greypaw (an apprentice) there.  He later joined Thunder clan and got into a fight with Longtail (because Rusty was a ‘kittypet’ and they don’t like them), this caused Rusty to lose his collar and be named Firepaw by Bluestar.  He makes friends with Greypaw and Ravenpaw, Firepaw finds out that Tigerclaw- a warroir- murdered Redtail- the deputy of the clan- so that he might become clan leader.  Shadow clan attacked the Thunder clan camp and kills Lionheart (who became the new deputy) when some of the warriors were away.  A few days later, Frostfur’s kits were taken by Shadow clan and Firepaw led a rescue party that rescued the stolen kits and he earned his warrior name: Fireheart.

I liked this book because of its genre and the plot.  I give this book a four out of five stars and I recommend it for people who are 9+.

By Jenny.

Mary Anning

Mary Anning was a fossil hunter and collector.  She found many prehistoric and sold them to make money for her family.  Mary Anning was born and raised in Lyme Regis (this is an area with lots of fossils).

Mary Anning was born on the 21St of May in 1799.  Her parents were Richard Anning and Mary Moore.  Richard Anning was a carpenter and an amature fossil hunter.  He and his children (Mary and Joseph) went hunting for shells and stones.  Then they would sell them -the shells and the stones- to tourists.  Mary’s father died by falling off a cliff in 1810.

She became a fossil hunting experts and found her first complete  the plesiosaurs skeleton on the 10th December, 1823.  Her finds changed the way people thought about the world.

Mary Anning died of breast cancer on 9th March in 1847.  Charles Dickens wrote an article about Mary Anning, celebrating her life and achievements.  She is one of the main characters in a book called “Remarkable Creatures” by Tracy Chevalier.  She was also the inspiration for the toung twister “she sells seashells”.

The mysterious cassette tape part 3

It felt like I couldn’t move as Violet kicked the door open.  “You have to run.” someone said (it wasn’t Violet and nobody else that is alive is in the house), as I heard light footsteps coming up the stairs.  Another door was kicked open, but it was much closer to me.  I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth; Violet came closer and closer to me, everything felt like it was in slow motion;  My vision turned  black as the chainsaw cut me.

Later, I was in one of my most happiest memories: when my parents were alive ‘ Didn’t I die?’.  We were having lunch with some of my friends for a birthday party, everyone was talking and having fun ‘I guess I’m a ghost then; but why am I in the past?’.  I smiled at the memory.  I was then sent into another memory: this was a much sadder memory, it was when I found my parents dead on the ground.  I was watching bugs at a picnic  and started to chase some.  But when I got back, I saw my deceased mother and father.

By Jenny

The story shall be continued I part 4.

The mysterious cassette tape part 2

I couldn’t stop thinking about the cassette tape.  I told my friend, but he just told me that someone was probably playing a prank and left it outside for a random person to pick it up.  I tryed telling him that  it wasn’t a prank but he just laughed and said,”wow, you need to calm down, I’m pretty sure that it was a random kid playing a prank.”

A few weeks later,  it was a normal day, except for the new girl that was being introduced by the teacher.  The dark haired girl sat next to me.  She then broke the silence between us by whispering,”Hi, I’m Violet,” in a friendly tone.  ‘Why does she sound so… familiar’ I thought.

I saw Violet walking home as she’s my new next door neighbour.  In the evening, I saw her going outside,wilst trying to hide something under her coat.  A few minuets later, I saw Violet covered in blood as she ran; a chainsaw in hand.  She was laughing and twitching uncontrollably (this is the night, so not a lot of people are awake).  The small girl looked in my direction and started to walk over to my small house.

By Jenny


The mysterious cassette tape

When I was  walking home, something caught my attention; it was a cassette tape on the ground, ‘what is this something like this doing on the floor?’ I thought.  I picked it up to hopefully find who the owner of this was.

When I got home, I put the mysterious tape in the cassette player  that I randomly had. ”H-hello?  I’m glad that this is still working.” a male voice said,”W-well I’m being stalked by someone that’s complety…insane. I-I don’t know who they are and why they’re stalking me , b-but I know that they want to k-kill me.” A chainsaw was heared and a ”Come out, come out, where ever you are,” was spoken, followed by insane laughter. A sound of something being stuffed into a pocket was heard and everything was now muffled.  A door was kicked open(in the tape) and a chainsaw was cutting open something (or someone) as a crazed laughter filled the room;  screams filled my ears.  I was shocked by this and I knew I had to do something…  But what?

By Jenny