Book Review- TimeRiders

Author : Alex Scarrow

AR Points : 16

Book Level : 5.7

Hi everyone, this book is the first book of the amazing series( you need to read the later books to find out more). It takes place when Liam O’Connor, Maddy Carter and Sal Vikram should have died but were rescued by a time traveller called Foster. They then get welcomed and introduced to each other. Foster explains that time should always, no matter what, go one way.

The plot is when a bad guy called Paul Kramer finds a time-travelling machine after 2044 and goes back in time to help the Nazis win the war, and before you say  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, New York-which is their base- is turned into a wasteland so Liam has to go back in time to stop him……….

Overall, this book’s series is very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who loves adventure and being hooked to books.


Book Review-Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

Book level:5.3                                AR Points: 15

Rating:5 out of 5

The Maze Runner is about Thomas, who, at the start, couldn’t remember anything;he only knew his name and he was to be a runner.After he got used to the Glade( the area he was in), he was stuck in the Maze. It was nearly impossible to find a way out.. The Maze opens and closes at certain times so Thomas had to survive the night with fierce, growling creatures called Grievers. Believe it or not, he actually survived! He was the first to do it. Then, he was a runner after he had one night in the ‘prison’ for going in the maze as it was  a  ‘law’ not to. He then finds how to get out of the maze…

Find out more by reading the book( and possibly the film)!

I recommend it to anyone who likes 100% adventure books.

Book Review- Russian Roulette

What I liked

I thought this book, which was the last of the Alex Rider series, was really interesting as it was a autobiography of a contract killer, who was called Yasha Gregorovich originally, but the name got changed to Yassen Gregorovich when he was captured and when someone asked who he was, the boss heard it as Yassen( which means Ash tree in Russian).  Overall, I rate it 5 out of 5 as this book is 100% adventure and my favourite genre is definitely adventure.

Brief introduction of the book

It begins with Yasha living in Estrov but later, the village got destroyed by helicopters shooting a burst of flame. His mother wanted him to live, so she injected him with an antidote that cured him and protected him as he escaped with his friend Leo, but he died whereas Yasha survived due to the injection… if you want to read more, GO AND FIND THE BOOK!

 Recommendations and Themes

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys interesting adventure stories. The themes in this book is determination, as he has to survive without his parents, nervousness, as he has to work in order to live and sadness, as he is always under arrest.



Book Review- Born to Run

Born to Run is a really enjoyable book as Patrick- the main character- finds a bag full of dogs near the canal and his life suddenly changed from being a zero to a hero!He got the day off after that. Patrick brought home a dog and called him Best Mate. Next, the greyhound went missing when Patrick was playing with him in the park.He was later owned by Craig, a racing dog owner, and he who took care of him for a while after he didn’t want Alfie, Brighteye’s best friend( They called him Brighteyes).Becky-his daughter left home with Brighteyes and travelled all over town. After a hospital injury…( I can’t tell you the rest because then I would spoil it.

I rate it 8 out of 10 because I wanted Patrick to know Brighteyes was there.

Lastly, I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure.

Rich in 5 days! Last Part


It was another school day for Joshua and Nathan. Nathan, without a doubt, was exceptionally petrified at the thought of what would happen to Joshua today. After he had a simple breakfast(toast and cereal), he walked to school with Rufus, his body engulfed with nervousness if his best friend would get kidnapped. All of a sudden, he forgot to bring his old, dusty camera if he was to witness that he saw the incident. Surprisingly, Rufus brought Nathan’s camera so Nathan was truly thrilled…but not for long. He saw the dark, hooded man stalking Joshua. Luckily, Rufus started to make the video.The hooded man suddenly punched Joshua very silently, but loud enough for Rufus to see him.They carried on for a little while videoing the mysterious man. They were late for school, but none of them did mind. They were very miserable and pleased with themselves( as they were just about to get £10000000!


They were eager to get to the police station as fast as lightning; once they got up, they raced to the police station in their – Rufus won, full of breath, but Nathan was as slow as a snail, out of breath. At last, when they reached there, they shouted at the top of their voices,”WE HAVE A TAPE OF WHO DID IT! HE KIDNAPPED JOSHUA!” When the police were there, they straight away knew who it was: it was Henry, the hardest kidnapper to find! Congratulations for making the tape, Rufus, you get all of the money!! Nathan cried,” What about me?” The Police said,” The boy showed us the tape. Unlucky, my boy.” The police now knew where his hideout was so they arrested him immediately and of course, brought back Joshua, sad  as ever.


Rufus was exceptionally glad that Joshua was back but much happier that he was suddenly rich in 5 days! From then on, he realised nothing was impossible, even if you’re as poor as a church mouse. He then enjoyed everything he did:playing, being in school and even working!

That was the end of the 5 days; I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Book Review-There’s a boy in the girls bathroom

Author:Louis Sachar

The book is extremely enjoyable as a boy-who is called Bradley- is the school bully, telling everyone to give him a dollar otherwise he would spit on them(which is gross).A new councillor arrived as well with Jeff, a new boy. Jeff was his friend-his only one- but he didn’t care. He liked Bradley.After a few meetings with the councillor( as he got his mothers permission to)he started to actually do his homework for once! He then ripped it up as he didn’t think it was very good which was completely wrong- he had got most of it right. He then received a proper book with no pictures in it. As Jeff had basketball friends, he played with them every day and wasn’t Bradley’s friend any more. In fact, Jeff invited him to play- he did, and he scored! He was then invited to Colleen’s party and he absolutely enjoyed every second of it.

I don’t have any favourite parts as it was all truly interesting.I, without a doubt, rate it 41/2 stars out of five. It waffled on a lot on the meetings with the councillor.I recommend this to anyone who likes humour and comedy.


by Henry

Rich in 5 days- Part 2


Nathan was paralysed with fear at the thought of Joshua being kidnapped. Also, he couldn’t understand how the man wanted to kidnap the poor, lonely boy.After he ate breakfast, he went to school and believe it or not, Nathan could still see the hooded man stalking him. Nathan thought this was a true mystery. He hurried to school as he was late and hoped Joshua would be at school-guess what? Nathan couldn’t see Joshua at all.A burst of panic shot through him; his heart could not stop palpitating.

At the end of school, Nathan told his Mum about the mystery and she hurriedly called the police. Luckily,they provided us with security so they were eager to help.They put up posters saying whoever cracks the mystery gets £1000000 so the whole town were eager to find Joshua.

What will happen next? Find out in part 3!!

Rich in 5 days! Part 1

Nathan was a poor, lonely child. He lived in a poor, sad village and he was going to be killed of boredom. His brother was Rufus and his mother was divorced. He went to school which was smaller than a normal house. He never knew that he was going to be rich by being a detective and solving a mysterious, puzzling case.

One day, when Nathan was going to school, he spotted a person who was dressed in black and looked very fat. Nathan could tell he was a stranger from the city of his shiny black suit and his dirty white sunglasses. Nathan could tell he was following his friend, Joshua as he was literally behind him for his journey to school. I first looked away.  I was definitely sure that the mysterious man was following him. Anyway, I thought about  it and couldn’t understand how he could be kidnapped.

That was the end of Monday……