USA poem

During my trip to the USA,

The plane journey lasted almost a day,

Plane food made me feel really ill,

It’s gross that’s just how I feel,

Playing in the swimming pool was really fun,

But when it got late we were soon done,

I actually had my very own bed,

It was perfectly good for a sleepy head,

Disneyland California for two whole days,

Our tour guide made sure we got our ways,

Yosemite park was really hot,

I climbed a waterfall believe it or not,

Monterey bay,

I saw a ray,

San Diego zoo,

Saw a baby gazelle born too,

Lastly Montana we went,

And saw a horse’s event,

Then we went back home to the UK,

Where I told everyone about my jaunt to the USA.



The girl of ink and stars book review

The girl of ink and stars

The girl of ink and stars is about a girl who is a cartographer’s daughter. She is forbidden to leave her island and can’t go into the forbidden territories. When her best friend Lupe goes missing, she has to cut all her hair off to convince thRelated imagee governor (Lupe’s Dad) to let her come along the search party.

I liked the book because it had a good story line a really hooked me in at the start. However, I think that the author could improve it by adding pictures to help the reader understand the text even more.

My rating for this book is 4 1/2 stars as it could have had pictures. I would recommend it to year 5 and 6 children or confident readers.




By Emily

Beach Bonanza

At my school we have a Beach Bonanza and our year 6 class have the other classes over to the outside of their classroom and raise money for charity. We do cake sales, guess the name of the teddy, picture dress up and lots more. Usually, the children decide the activities each year and all participate to cakes and things for it. I think it is an extremely good way to raise money for charity and everyone enjoys it (even the teachers)  Image result for cupcake

Billionaire Boy Book review

                Illustrator:Tony Ross

               Author:David Walliams

               Billionaire Boy is a funny book about a boy called Joe Spud.He lived a humble but happy life. However,when he was eight it all changed…

               His Dad invented a loo roll which was moist on one side and dry on the other.He instantly became a millionaire and from then onward Joe and his Dad had everything they ever wanted. But all that Joe wanted was a friend and he soon learnt that money can’t  buy everything.

                    This book shows me that although i am not rich, i have a happy life and some people have lives one hundred times worse than mine and if you read this book you will see that too.

By Emily




The Mysterious Light

1:The mysterious light

It was happening again. Molly stood by her window just like she always did, waiting for the sun to pop up. But there was one problem, the sun wasn’t there…

                                     2:Meet Molly

Molly was 12 years old but smaller than she wanted to be. At school she got bullied because she was small and loved nature but Molly knew she was special. When Molly was 5, her Dad told her to always be true to herself, and since he had died 2 years ago, that made her even more determined to succeed.

                                       3:Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad were the most important things in this little girl’s life as well as nature.Molly loved them with all her heart which made Dad passing away even harder. Her Mum was sad but she reckoned she was sadder. No one knows how he died nor why but Molly was persevering to try.

                              4:The unfriendly news agent

“Ting!” went the bell in the news agent’s shop door as Molly trudged in. She looked up at the man. Glaring back at her was a grumpy looking man with a big bushy beard. “What you want?” sneered the Man. Molly was sure this wasn’t Tim the other one.  “Where’s Tim?” she demanded suddenly feeling more than a little worried.

“He is not here today,” he wheezed. Molly took out a one pound coin and handed it to him. He gave her the pack of Rolos  and as she walked out she noticed something very strange;this was the Man who had gone out with her father the night he had died.

                                         5:Dinner date

Molly couldn’t believe she was going to do this but she had to crack the case. As she went into the shop, she saw the same man. Slowly, she asked the question. The Man said he would love to go on a dinner date right away and lead her to a grave yard. Molly was beginning to think this was a bad idea.

                                              6:The cave

Finally, they arrived at a small cave carved into the hill. The strange man heaved the huge door open and said in an unwelcoming  tone for her to come in. Slowly but surely, she gazed around this dirty place. She couldn’t believe it,the Sun was in there only much much smaller.

                                    7:Poisoned by the Sun

Molly screamed at him, asking him why he had the sun in his lair. He grunted at her and said he uses it to poison people. This was where and why the Sun had gone. She was horrified! “Even your own Dad was one of my victims” he said slyly. It couldn’t be true! Her Dad was murdered and she would be too if she drank or ate anything he gave her.

                                          8:A bucket of joy

Glancing around she saw a small tin bucket and gently filled it with the Sun’s burning flame. She waited for him to turn his back on her and did it. “AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG” he screamed as she launched the burning lava onto him. He had gone thanks to that bucket of joy.


This Man had died and all the people he had killed became alive. Molly rushed up to her Dad and cried happy tears. Father and Daughter ha been reunited. As they walked home in the morning sunlight, they discussed everything that had happened. As soon as they walked through the door, Mum threw her arms around them. They were a Family again, finally.

By Emily