Leavers Message for you :)

Hey guys, it’s Elena!

As you may know, we are leaving Year 6 on the 21st July. I’m very sad, and I’m sure you all are feeling the same too! I wanted to write you a leavers message.

You see, I came to All Saints in year 2, so that means I’ve been here for 4 years! I started off having Alexa as my friend since we had the same birthday. Throughout the years, I’ve had such a great time – some of you I might have known for a while, like maybe a year or 2, but I will still miss you as much as everyone else in the class. I just wanted to wish you good luck in your new schools! Some of you might be going with some friends, and some of you might be going alone. We will all find new friends, I know! It’s an emotional time! ūüôĀ You know, before I was year 6, I was super nervous. I thought it was going to be really hard, but guess what? It turned out to be the best year ever. I love you all (as friends and best friends!) But I have most of your numbers and emails, so we’ll stay in touch ūüôā Good luck in High school!

Book Review – Queenie

Image result for queenie jacqueline wilson

Hey everyone – today I’m going to be writing a book review on a book called Queenie. It is by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt. It is set in 1953.

The book is about a girl called Elsie who lives with her nan in their flat – her mum works and she sometimes comes to visit them. Elsie and her nan plan to go to the Queen’s corination which would be in a few months time, but they couldn’t go..

Elsie’s nan gets ill and has to be taken into hospital because of her TB in her chest, so then Elsie’s mum had to look after Elsie until nan got better. Soon after that, Elsie finds out that she has TB in her knee and then she has to be taken into hospital too. She meets lots of new friends there and her favourite nurse was called Nurse Gabriel who was very kind to her. Elsie’s nan had to be put in the sanatorium and they couldn’t see eachother for a long while. Elsie also met Queenie, the hospital cat and she really loved her.

Will Elsie be able to see her nan again and would both of their TB illness get better, or will they never see eachother again? Find out in the book!

I rate this 5 stars and I recommend it to 9+ readers. I really loved it because it was full of emotions and I enjoyed it a lot.

I also found the book trailer on YouTube, so if you would like to watch it then here is the link: https://youtu.be/cd2eKFTbzXI

Book is worth 13 AR points and the reading level is 4.9

I hope you enjoyed reading my book review!

By Elena

The Longest Whale Song book review

Image result for the longest whale song

This book is about a girl called Ella who lives with her mum and her stepdad – they lived happily, until Ella’s mum went into a coma when she was having her baby brother. Ella and her stepdad, Jack, have to cope with the change of her mum not being at home and try Ella tries to get along with him because she didn’t like him much.

Later on in the book, at school Ella learns about whales and she also did a project on it for her teacher; her favourite fact was that the whales could sing, and the longest recorded song by a whale lasted 22 hours nonstop!

For Ella it seemed like it was the end of the world – she thought that her mum would never get better and really missed her. Will Ella’s mum get better and come back home..? Find out in the book!

I really enjoyed this book because it was very emotional and especially at the end but I am not going to tell you why! My least favourite part was when it came to the part when Ella’s mum got in a coma after her brother was born because it made me feel depressed like Ella. I recommend it to 8+ children. The book is worth 9 AR points and the reading level is 4.2.

Book Review – Lily Alone


This book is by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt.

In the book, it tells a story of an 11 year old girl called Lilly who has one brother and 2 sisters. The brother is called Baxter, and his twin is Bliss and the youngest one is called Pixie. They live with their mum in a flat and Lily wishes that she was alone. One night, Lily’s mum goes out to the pub and let’s Lily look after her siblings and while her mum is out, she meets a man called Gordon. He invites Lily’s mum to go to Spain with him, and she agrees to it. The next day, Lily’s mum sets off on her journey to Spain so she asks Mikey, her ex-husband to look after Lily and her siblings while she is away. Because Lily’s mum was going to be late for her flight, she left a message for Mikey and left, but unfortunately Mikey had to go to Scotland to sort something out and so he couldn’t look after the children. Lily’s mum does not know about this yet, so that leaves Lily in to look after her siblings until the weekend which was when her mum would come back from her holiday. It seemed a bit hard for her at first, but she got used to it. They decided not to go to school because Lily thought that her siblings would give away their secret that they were alone. Will Lily be able to keep herself and her siblings safe until mum comes back? Find out in the book!

I rate this book 5 stars and I recommend it to 7+ aged children. It is worth 9 AR points and its reading level is 4.6.

By Elena

My Goals!

My main goal

My main goal is to get better at gymnastics, including handstands on the walls – I am currently trying to do them and I hope I will be able to get better!

 My school goals

My first goal that is going to be at school is to pass 17.9 points by the end of the term. My second school goal is to try and reach 250 by the end of the term or during the half term.

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals!

By Elena

Cliff hanger – Polar Region Story

It was a cold, misty afternoon in the Arctic where Anna was stranded on. The icy wind blew past her frigid cheeks; it was snowing. Anna had lost Chloe whom she knew was looking for her. She did not know what to do now – she had no one and now she had to find a way to get to Chloe. The snow was now getting stronger and it was freezing. Anna wrapped another layer of a coat around herself and started walking towards an igloo in front of her. It was a beautiful, huge igloo made out of ice.

At least this could be my home for now.’¬†Thought Anna, as she approached the entrance. When she entered the igloo, she was astonished when she looked around it; icy, long walls surrounded her with a frosty chandelier made out of ice at the top of the igloo. Who could have made this? Anna was gobsmacked by the sight of the wonderful igloo she had just entered – she was lucky to have found it. She placed her heavy bag on the floor and sighed. It was nearly evening and she wanted a companion very badly; especially after she had lost Chloe. She stepped out of the igloo and found an ocean that she hadn’t seen before. Perhaps the snow and wind was so strong it blinded her? She didn’t know. She strolled through the snow, her feet crunching through it. Her long, black hair swung from side to side as the wind brushed through it fiercely. At last, she couldn’t take it anymore. She collapsed down onto the floor, cold and tired. She didn’t know where all the animals were – all the people and all the mountains. Or¬†were¬†there mountains? She stood up slowly and rubbed her eyes; the snow was so strong she couldn’t see that much, but when she rubbed her eyes again, she spotted gigantic, snowy mountains around her that reached up to the sky. Something was rumbling.. could is possibly be an earthquake?! Was it a storm?!

Wait.. IT’S AN AVALANCHE!!’¬†Screamed Anna. And, she was right. It was a forceful, dangerous avalanche and it was coming her way. Anna panicked; she ¬†darted over to her igloo and quickly snatched her bag from the floor. She ran, and ran forwards hoping that the avalanche wouldn’t reach her; she was getting so tired she felt like she was going to fall. The enormous, runny avalanche was now spilling down she hills, and suddenly, it struck the igloo like lighting. It had not only caught the igloo but it had also caught Anna….

Book review – Dork Diaries: Frenemies Forever


Hey everyone! I’m going to do another book review on a book called Frenemies Forever from the Dork Diaries series. It is by Rachael Renee Russell. It is new and has recently come out so I was really excited to read it.

Previously from the other book, Nikki gets assigned to a school called North Hampton Hills where her enemy, Mackenzie goes to, because she used to go to Nikki’s school but then transferred.¬†It is for a student exchange week when some students from Nikki’s school go to another school for an exchange week and after 1 week they return back to their school. In this book¬†Nikki goes to NHH (North Hampton Hills) for a whole week and is nervous and worried because she knows that Mackenzie goes to that school.¬†She is also quite excited, because in her French class at her¬†normal school she passed her¬†art¬†test and at NHH she¬†might get to go on a trip to Paris in¬†the French class which they have there. ¬†At NHH, she meets Tiffany, a girl who turns out to be nice in the first place as Nikki’s tour guide but she turned mean when Nikki stuck up for someone. Tiffany stirs up a lot of mischief and so Nikki and Mackenzie have to work together to defeat their new enemy, and so they become frenemies! I rate this book 5 stars and I recommend it to 8+ children or people who like comedy books. My favourite bit was when Nikki transferred to NHH and there were also a lot of funny parts which made me laugh, like when Nikki’s sister, Brianna, was trying to earn her cooking badge¬†for her Girl’s Scouts by making caramel popcorn, but it turns out to be a mess because she looked like a snowman covered in popcorn and kitchen utensils and other stuff!

I hope you liked reading my book review!

Blogging challenge week 8 – Communities

Hello everyone! For the week 8 blogging challenge, I’m going to be talking about different communities that I have been in and that I would like to join.


So first, when I was younger I joined Girls Brigade in Sutton Baptist Church. As you can see, it is for girls because it is named Girls Brigade. It is a place where you can do many activities and talk about many different subjects and it is a Christian community. We also do different performances, like for example Christmas and I really enjoyed it! There are two sections: the Explorers and the Juniors. The Explorers are the youngest ones and the Juniors are the older ones. When I was in Girls Brigade in the first few years, I was in the Explorers. Before I left Girls Brigade I was in the first year of the Juniors.

When I left Girls Brigade, I joined this taekwondo academy in Sutton called Future Taekwondo. It is in Thomas Wall Centre. Incase you don’t know what Taekwondo is, it is a Korean martial arts – it’s just like karate and kung-fu, but it’s Korean. I went up to Grade 2 (yellow belt) but I stopped for a while. here is the taekwondo sign in Korean: llamas¬†On most uniforms, this is carved onto it to show ta it is taekwondo.

What community I would like to join

Recently, my mum and I have decided to join the girls’¬†scouts with a friend. I think it will be very enjoyable because you get to go on camping trips and do many fun activities there. It will also be a good opportunity to explore new communities and see what it is like to be a scout. I am looking forward to it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about communities!

By Elena

Christmas events at our school!



What about some Christmas food, drinks?

At All Saints Benhilton, we have a Christmas Extravaganza – I really enjoy this moment because it is the time when there is lots of entertainment and I love it! You can do many different things at this spectacular fair. This year, it will be on Saturday 3rd December at 11:00am. I cannot wait! The school choir will also be singing there and because I’m in the choir, I might be able to make it there! ūüôā There will be lots of other fun stuff to do like making biscuits, playing games and making crafts and making reindeer food. Also, there is a Santa’s Grotto and refreshments if people are hungry. I am really looking forward to this event which is coming near! Right now, it is 24th November 2016 and it is nearly December and I can’t wait!

The Secrets room


Presents from the secret room!

The secrets room is another thing I would like to talk about. Since it is related to Christmas, I will tell you about it. Basically, you bring in donations like toys, adult things, makeup and many more. Then, on December 2nd (which is in 8 days), the secrets room take place. It is then you buy presents for your family or friends – after you buy them, you get to wrap them up in wrapping paper and I have to say, this is another one of my favourite things at school. It’s really fun as well because you get to choose lots of different presents to give to family and friends. I find it very fun to pick out presents too!

The Samaritan’s purse


Last of all, I want to talk about the Samartan’s purse. The Samaritan’s purse event is when everyone has to bring in a shoebox containing gifts for children around the world who are poor and live in war countries. We also get a small label to put on our shoebox which says if our shoebox is for a girl or boy and what age it is for. We also have to wrap it up in wrapping paper and then in a few days, we have to bring our shoebox in. Additionally, we need to put ¬£1 so that it can be sent around the world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about Christmas events at our school!

By Elena

Favourite times of the year!

Hey guys! I just wanna talk about favourite times of the year – I know this is a bit random, but I was stuck on writing a new post so I decided to go for talking about favourite times of the year. So I’ll tell you mine; my favourite time of the year is Christmas! It’s because well.. you get presents, right? And, it’s the time when Jesus was born and plus, sometimes it snows but not that much in England which really upsets me because I LOVE snow! I just love Christmas, it just really makes me happy and also because you get to meet up with friends and relatives and have a happy time and spend time with eachother. I also like sending Christmas cards to people and I like recieving cards as well ūüėÄ Christmas just makes me really joyful and excited every time. I also fancy the new year because it just brings so much joy as wel!! And also because it is the start of the new year! This coming new year it will be 2017, right? So I’m really excited for the 1st January (and January is also my month because my birthday is at that time!!) I like watching the new year celebrations on the TV which is so fun because you get to see it live with the fireworks and everything, and the good thing is that you get to stay up late!! YAYYY! I would just be counting down and checking my phone every minute until it reaches 12:00! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my post about my favourite time of the year! Also tell me in the comments which is your favourite time!

By Elena