Lost and Found

This is about the day that I lost my dog.  One day I was walking down to a park when my dog (Cassie) slipped out of her collar. It was at six o’ clock in the morning so I couldn’t see her. Over the hedges that she had gone into was a train station. A big squeak came from behind the bushes so I thought that she had got hurt. Before school we went round the park and the train station, but found nothing. At school I was worrying about her and where she was. After school, we went straight to the park but found no dog, so my Mum went to the station once more just to make sure nothing was there. Over two days I was worrying and feeling really sad. That night, my mum got a call at ten thirty saying that Cassie had been found at Merton station. They said that they found her on the side of the tracks, frozen and unable to move for a train had just shot past her. This meant that she would have walked right down the track from Sutton Common down to Merton. She was put in a kennel and the next night she was delivered to our door. Now we are never leaving her on her collar, just her harness so that she can’t escape again!

by Ava