My Goals!!!

During this week I would like to get to the next threshold of 25 on AR. During this month my goal is to keep progressing on the Daily Mile. This year I would like to do well on my SATS and keep pushing my learning.

The Thornthwaite Inheritance – Book review

I am writing a book review on my favourite book, The Thornthwaite Inheritance.  This is a very thrilling book to read, as it is about two twins(Lorelli and Ovid) who have been trying to kill each other their whole life! On their thirteenth birthday they came to a truce to stop trying to murder each other, however were they the only people trying to kill?

The twins parents died at a young age, lucky for them they were very rich,  so their servants looked after them.  A nice boy (because his father was working there) arrives at the manor, but is he as he seems?

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars and I recommend it for children aged 8-13. The Thornthwaite Inheritance is worth 7AR points and its book level is 5.3.


































Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Long Haul: Book Reviw

Diary of a wimpy kid long haul is one of my favourite books from the Diary of a wimpy kid series. I love this book, as they travel to different places during their road trip and they have the most settings out of the series. This book is very funny and very weird, as they get a pig as a pet. I like how the road trip is based on a normal family road trip (with everyone arguing with each other). They end up having to go to a dirty old motel! If you like comedy books, I suggest you read this, as it has a lot of humour. I recommend this book for children aged 8 to 12. I rate this book 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and 10/10. I hope this makes you want to read the book!

by Alex P


Back to Camp Little Wood

It was the day that I had been dreading the most, it was the day that I had to go back to Camp Little Wood. The school term had just finished and the summer holiday was here; my parents wanted me (Walter Melon) to go to camp little Wood, they were filled with joy when they found that Camp, so I didn’t tell them that that I hated it. Nobody knows why I hate Camp Little Wood, as it’s too embarrassing to say.

The time had come, I picked up my bags and I slowly strolled to the door. In the car I checked if I had everything, but it seemed that I left my joy behind. I got in the car and we began to travel to Manchester (that’s where Camp Little Wood is). My Mum and Dad, where telling me that I’m going to have so much fun, but I doubted that. In the distance I could see a sign saying ‘WELCOME TO CAMP LITTLE WOOD’. As we approached the entrance to Camp, we signed in and they told me what cabin I’m in, I was assigned to a cabin named The Wolves.

As I walked into my cabin I saw familiar faces, but there was one boy that I particularly remembered, his name was Max. “Well, well well, look who came back,”said Max. I ignored him and I went straight to my bed. As I looked around the cabin, I thought that I was in a pigsty, as there was food on the brown wooden walls; I also so that there were cracks on the floor and that the light was twitching on and off. I hung a calendar over my bunk, so that I found see how many days were left of this torture.

It was now 18:00 pm, which meant it was dinner time, so I hopped out of my bed and I walked to the Food Hall. The food at Camp Little Wood was decent, so I always looked forward to: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I was enjoying my dinner, however suddenly Max stood on his chair and shouted,

”Everyone who wants a sweet come here.” Almost instantly a large crowd surrounded Max. I went up to get a sweet but,

Max Said ” Are you sure you want more sweets, Walter.” Its time that I tell you why I’m so embarrassed, I ate to much sweets, got hyper and I drank too much coke one night and I- I wet myself.

Everyone knew, everyone was now horrible to me, I’m going to have to leave camp Little Wood! I packed my bags, called a taxi, but where would I stay? I don’t want my parents to know that I don’t like it there. It came to one conclusion, I need to stay here.

Tonight the camp is having a Talent Show, I’m going to audition and I’m going to dance, so that everybody forgets about the accident and see that I have some moves. Although I have never danced in front of anyone before, its the only thing that I’m good at. I practiced and practiced, until Max walked in,   “Do you think that your street dancing is going to compete with my football skills?”

I ignored him and walked to the lake, where no one went to and practiced my dance where no one would bother me.I was exhausted, all I wanted to do was rest. I looked at my calendar to check what we were doing tomorrow and I realised it was Friday, the day of The Talent Show! I quickly put on my clothes, an Adidas tracksuit with Adidas shoes and to complete the outfit was an Adidas hat.

I ran to the hall, I went behind the curtain a quickly marked my dance moves. I was  the last person to go on, so I had a lot of time to properly get ready. It was nearly my go, I just had to wait for Max to start his football skills. Weirdly, he was wearing similar clothes to me and what was even weirder was that my song was playing, but the weirdest thing was that he was dancing my choreography! I didn’t perform, I pretended I felt sick (which I kind of actually felt then). Max won the Talent Show. I thought that if that was me, could I have won it? It seems like nothing goes my way at Camp Little Wood.

By Alex



The Day I Nearly Died

It was October 12th 2012, I had just traveled to Dallas to visit my cousins and my Aunt. It was particularly hot that day, it was 45 degrees. I had also noticed some weird lights everywhere that I went to! On the first night I went out for dinner, we were put at table 32, but strangely I noticed that all our glasses started to shake. I looked outside to see a flock of birds flying away. Gradually the shaking got more powerful … it was an earthquake!I was crying and I had no idea what to do. All my family got under the table, as glasses were falling of shelves and condiments were falling on the ground! A huge crack appeared in the ground and my family got separated. BANG, a large shelf fell right next to my table, (I was so scared). After a while the shaking calmed down. so we waited 15 minuets, just to check that it had completely stopped, until we walked by to my cousins house. Their house was a mess, everything was broken, all of their life long possessions had gone. A few months later their house was back to normal, we stayed in a hotel in Chicago while my cousins house was rebuilt. We turned on the TV, on the news it said that the Earthquake was rated 8.5 on the Richter scale, that is how I nearly died.

By Alex

USA- Unbelievable Super Athletes

Have you ever wondered how the Athletes from the USA win so many medals? Here is my theory. It was an ordinary day in the United States of America, children were playing, the audults were drinking coffe and the teenagers were listening to music. Then suddenly something dark was covering all of the country, a gigantic object, (like a spaceship), was shadowing the USA; most people became unconscious just by looking at it. After a while people stopped looking at it, it was as if they had forgotten about it, but all of a sudden, there was a loud BANG! One of each parent ran outside to see what the noise was, leaving the other parent taking care of their children. The adluts were running as fast as they could, until  they saw a lot of strange green figures strolling around each city. The parents ran back to their familys and they all grabbed wepons and formed a mob, so they could attack the wierd looking creatures. In each state the mob surrounded the Aliens, so that they couldn’t escape. Before the mob could get them, all of the aliens in each state started chanting this, ‘USA LEAVE US IN PEACE AND WE WILL FLY AWAY TO NICE. WE WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING EPIC THE POWER OF BEiNG ATHLETIC. Everyone in the USA liked the idea of that, so they agreed with the aliens. Being athletic in the USA passed down generations, everyone is there is athletic, but some people are yet to find out. That is how the people in The United States of America are so athletic.

By Alex