Book Review- Worst thing about my sister

Author:Jaqueline Wilson

Illustrator:Nick Sharratt


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Plot: In the story, there is a girl called Marty(Martina Michaels) and she likes drawing a comic book called Mighty Mart, who she wants to use to take revenge back on the bullies- Katie, Ingrid and Alisha. Her sister Mellisa, who is a girly girl, thinks that Marty is a weird sister and they keep on having fights. Mellissa calls Marty a baby, but she is because she goes around with a tattered teddy called Baba, which she doesn’t want her friends to see. Marty’s family is low on money because her dad- Who is a travel Agent- does not get that many customers anymore and he now sets it out in their  living room. Their mum has two jobs: She makes dresses(At home) and she also works as the Deputy head in Marty and Mellissa’s School. Marty and her sister want lots of different things, but they don’t have enough money, so their mum makes them dresses, which they hate. Their mum doesn’t want to work in her bedroom anymore, so she gets Marty’s den(Bedroom) and Marty has to share with annoying Mellissa. One day, Mellissa and Marty have a great big fight and Mellissa had a serious fall off the bunk bed! No More- Spoiler Alert.                                                                   Marty and Mellissa also turn up in “Rent a Bridesmaid”. I would rate this book as 4/5 and I would recommend it for 8-12 year old girls, who like sisters and fights.                                                              AR Points are 5 points and the book level is 4.6

By Adheena

Week 9- My bedroom

My favourite place to be is my bedroom because it suits me because it is pink and white and I can find places where I can just sit around sleeping or playing fun games on my tablet.Here are some pictures, which I think in my opinion, look like my bedroom.


The thing that is in common with these bedrooms and mine are that they are pink and white and that they have different types of lighting! Most of the time in my bedroom I just sleep, do my homework, play with my tablet or hide for no reason. In most places of my bedroom, there are teddies, plushies and a doll that is very creepy- looking!  🙁  .I like to keep my room tidy, but I have to share with my older sister, which is not easy.

If I could redecorate my bedroom, I would add a spinning chair, a cubby hole with a white, pink or purple desk and I would like to add a small chair or pouffe. What would you do to decorate yours?To get ideas on cool bedrooms I would recommend these websites: or for boys: I like to decorate places like my window sill or my small balcony so that I could sit there or just look at it. If I had my dream cubby hole, I would add cushions and a couch and maybe a television, If that would have been possible to have.

So to finish off, I really like my pink, white bedroom and I hope you like your girl or boy type bedroom. By Adheena

The unwanted creature

Sweat trickled on my forehead. My heart pounded against my ribcage like boxing gloves trying to break through. The blood-curdling scream of the creatures paralysed me with fear. My eyes darted in every direction looking for a safe direction to run to. I had to hurry before they caught me. At last, I saw an opening between the two ancient oaks and sprinted. I felt like there was a huge weight on my shoulder, pushing me to the ground. The crescent moon shone down on me as if it were trying to tell them where was. The thud of their feet  came closer and closer….

I thought they had caught me, so I quickly ran to the haunted woods. Legend has it that the woods were full of creatures you will never want to meet!   Finally the creature caught up with me,  I wasn’t so sure if my life would end in a eucatastrophe!

My holidays – October

During the October holidays, I went to Malta for a week. First we went on the bus to Heathrow airport and caught the flight (Swiss airways) to Switzerland. At the airport, I had a stomach ache and actually puked!! From Switzerland, I caught the flight to Malta. Malta was very hot when I got there. A taxi driver came to pick us up and dropped us at a five star hotel called “Raddisson Blu,”! At the hotel, we found our bedrooms and fell asleep. On the second day of my holiday, we went to the capital of Malta, which was called Valletta, there was only one bus per hour! We explored Valletta and also came back the following day. On Tuesday, a coach took some families, including mine, to Valletta, again! We watched a 5D movie called Malta5D and watched a Cannon go off. On Wednesday, I went to the nearby island, Gozo, on ferry and we explored the churches markets and sightseeing places. Thursday was quite boring because my dad and mum had a meeting at the hotel, so I was only allowed to go swimming (at the hotel swimming pool) for an hour.On Friday, I got to go swimming for two hours and I also got to go inside the jacuzzi, although it made me itch a little bit and finally on Saturday, I went to Malta international airport and flew to Switzerland and slept at Switzerland airport because the flight was on Saturday morning at 6 am, which was 5 am in England and got to England at 7 am! I really enjoyed my holiday! Thank you for reading!  🙂

Ring a Ring a roses Prologue

The storm was blowing over Amy’s house, which made some bricks tumble out from the top of the house.”It doesn’t matter, Amy, just make sure it does not fall into Evil Evie’s garden or we will be cursed since this second”.

Amy ran outside, astonished to see the bricks in the patio of Evil Evie’s garden. Now what  would she do to save her and her mother from this terrible curse! “You and your mother shall be cursed” a voice came booming from behind the bushes. Amy ran into the house and screeched”Mum, Evil Evie has cursed us. She is taking you and dad to work as her slaves. Please help us, Daddy!”.

When I saved the city Part one

Dear diary,

Last night while I was sleeping, I heard some loud noises coming from outside.I quickly dashed to the window and I was shocked when I saw a lorry on fire.Every Wednesday,  a large petrol car came past my house. It was surprising to see the large petrol tank on fire. I had heard when I was younger about large cars tipping over and setting trees and houses, but I was not going to let that happen to the city. I started to think of a way to stop the large petrol lorry. I did not want anyone or anything get hurt. I looked outside for a way to stop the large lorry, but then all of a sudden the lorry left. Now the only way to stop the lorry was to go through the deep, dark forest  that went through in front and at the back of our house. I had heard tales about Tigers and snakes and all sorts of disgusting, slimy beetles and bugs. To be honest I was not sure if that was true because my older brother and sister,  two of my cousins and my friend’s big sister once went on a two-day camping trip through the forest. I crept downstairs to wake up my sister because she was sleeping in the living room. I did not know why my sister slept in the living room but she might have wanted to live in there maybe! I woke her up and she said to me ” Really Freya you wanted to wake me up in the middle of the night, go back to bed,”, I woke my sister up again and said “Can you come with me to the forest outside?”. My sister looked astonished and answered ” No Freya, go to bed before, I shout 123!” 

I felt furious, but what would I do!

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To be continued…

By Athena

Bonfire Night

On 5th of November, it is a special day because it reminds us of the day Guy Fawkes plotted against the king and after that people started lighting fireworks. I have seen lots of fireworks and if you go to Carshalton, you can see lots of fireworks. If you go to the Shard, you can see fireworks see fireworks far away.This year, I can’t do fireworks except for the sparklers because I have a small garden, but If you go to the top of my house you can!. In my opinion, Bonfire Night is a special night because It reminds us of the day Guy Fawkes, who is actually called Guido Fawkes, plotted against the king (King James the 1st). Fortunately, King James survived the attempt, but unfortunately, Guy Fawkes was tortured badly. Fireworks were first invented in China!

I can’t wait to see the fireworks  on New Years Eve, First day of the year and maybe Christmas!


World Quiz

This quiz will show you how you know capitals.

  1. What is the capital of Bolivia?
  2. What is the capital of China?
  3. What is the capital of Spain?
  4. What is the capital of Bulgaria?
  5. What is the capital of Romania?
  6. What is the capital of Greece?
  7. What is the capital of Korea?
  8. What is the capital of India?
  9. What is the capital of Argentina?
  10. What is the capital of Brazil?
  11. Bring your answers to me.

Book Review-Drama Queen

Drama Queen is a book from the series of Dork diaries written by Rachel Renee Russel. The characters include Nikki Maxwell, Zoeysha (Zoey), Chloe Garcia, Brandon Roberts,  Brianna(Nikki’s sister) and Mackenzie Hollister (the villain).


Nikki Maxwell has her diary, which she writes everything insides. One day, Nikki,’s diary goes missing and Zoey blames it all on herself. Chloe also blames it on herself and they both say that they are a bad friend. They search everywhere for Nikki’s diary, even in the library. Soon she remembers that she also wrote the username and the password for her advice column inside there as well.

Nikki and her friends find out that NMackenzie Hollister, the bully, stole Nikki’s diary and claimed it as her own diary.

NikkiMackenzie reads through Nikki’s diary and finds out she has written bad things about her in the diary and takes revenge by hacking into Nikki’s advice column.

Mackenzie sends bad advice to everyone and starts being mean to them. She also said bad things to Chloe, when she asked for advice whether or not to get her new braces.

Mackenzie tells Chloe that luckily she had white, pearly teeth, so Mackenzie won’t need braces. Chloe thought that Nikki told her this so starts ignoring her and Zoey. Zoey and Nikki asked her what was wrong and they said it was not her and it was MACKENZIE. Nikki remembers she has to delete everything before it gets posted onto the school newspaper,  which was due to be posted that day. Nikki, Chloe and Zoey deleted it all just in time and at the same moment Brandon came in and showed them a picture of Mackenzie in braces. After that, Mackenzie said that she is moving school and is not coming back.

Whilst she was leaving Mackenzie dropped Nikki’s diary. Soon, Nikki found it!!

Why I like this book

I like this book because it tells you how to cope with different situations and how you can overcome them. In my opinion, I think that Nikki is brave to overcome these situations and  fight for her rights.