Book Review-Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

Book level:5.3                                AR Points: 15

Rating:5 out of 5

The Maze Runner is about Thomas, who, at the start, couldn’t remember anything;he only knew his name and he was to be a runner.After he got used to the Glade( the area he was in), he was stuck in the Maze. It was nearly impossible to find a way out.. The Maze opens and closes at certain times so Thomas had to survive the night with fierce, growling creatures called Grievers. Believe it or not, he actually survived! He was the first to do it. Then, he was a runner after he had one night in the ‘prison’ for going in the maze as it was  a  ‘law’ not to. He then finds how to get out of the maze…

Find out more by reading the book( and possibly the film)!

I recommend it to anyone who likes 100% adventure books.

4 thoughts on “Book Review-Maze Runner

  1. Henry
    This is a great book review! I love the films and I’m going to start reading the books once I’ve finished the Hunger Games Trilogy. I like how you have added the at points and book level.

  2. I noticed that you described the Grievers as “growling” but I do not remember anything about them growling in the book.

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