A christmas story

One Christmas Eve a girl called Elise and her little sister Mia were so excited about Christmas the next day. After they had finished their dinner the two sisters got some pens and paper and started to write a letter to Santa. Elise’s letter said ” Dear Santa I am so excited for Christmas tomorrow it is going to be the best Christmas EVER!!!. I hope you and your reindeer get to my house safely. Lot’s of love from Elise.” And Mia’s letter said “Dear Santa I want a lot of things for Christmas like a really big box of chocolates and a nice pink T-shirt. I hope you come. Love from Mia.” Their mum and dad got the wine, mince pies and carrots and put them on the mantelpiece. The whole family sat on the sofa to watch the Grinch. ┬áMia and Elise went upstairs, put their stockings in front of their beds and then tried to get to sleep. When Mia and Elise woke up they were very excited, they got dressed as fast as they could, went down stairs, had breakfast and got ready to open their presents with their mum and dad. Soon enough, they had both opened their presents and Mia got all she wanted and so did Elise. It was the best Christmas.


Written by katie

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