Happy feet

Happy feet got me into penguins when I was a baby because I had a mumble toy I took every where I went. Happy feet was one of the first films I wached. Back then I didn’t know I had something I commen with mumble. Mumble is different from the other penguins and doesn’t always fit in.  As you know I’m also a bit different as I have Tourette’s syndrome which means I have Tics I can’t help. As you know I have trets and I have ticks. It can really effect your life now and in the future.

Thanks for reading.

by GeorgeMcGreig

52 thoughts on “Happy feet

  1. I’m well impressed with your courage George. Writing about this couldn’t have been easy. I’m glad you feel safe to share this with the class. Keep up the willingness to share.

  2. I loved Happy Feet. After I watched the movie I began to dance around my house. My mom would look at me like I was crazy, and my dog would freak out and start to run around the house. It was crazy. It got me interested in penguins to. This blog really took me back, and now I want to go watch the movie all over again.

    • Dear Sage,
      That is really funny but i don`t know how it made you dance around the house and also my grandmother had a dog called bob and when he died i was at cubs but know i am in scouts and i am other that and i have a cat and it can be annoying but cool. Thanks for the lovey comment you sent and the link i have checked it out and it is incredible.
      Thank for the comment
      yours thankfully George

  3. I like the fact the you have don your favourite animal but please do a little bit more. Do you think that penguins are like humans.

  4. Hi George
    I’m Georgia from Australia in mr pastros class.
    It was very strong of you to talk about trets.
    One of my favourite movies is the lion king and my favourite animals are lions.
    I have a happy feet 3DS game that I finished. its a lot of fun.
    Do you like drawing? I love drawing, I have a wall of drawings at home that I’m still adding to.

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