Book Review-There’s a boy in the girls bathroom

Author:Louis Sachar

The book is extremely enjoyable as a boy-who is called Bradley- is the school bully, telling everyone to give him a dollar otherwise he would spit on them(which is gross).A new councillor arrived as well with Jeff, a new boy. Jeff was his friend-his only one- but he didn’t care. He liked Bradley.After a few meetings with the councillor( as he got his mothers permission to)he started to actually do his homework for once! He then ripped it up as he didn’t think it was very good which was completely wrong- he had got most of it right. He then received a proper book with no pictures in it. As Jeff had basketball friends, he played with them every day and wasn’t Bradley’s friend any more. In fact, Jeff invited him to play- he did, and he scored! He was then invited to Colleen’s party and he absolutely enjoyed every second of it.

I don’t have any favourite parts as it was all truly interesting.I, without a doubt, rate it 41/2 stars out of five. It waffled on a lot on the meetings with the councillor.I recommend this to anyone who likes humour and comedy.


by Henry

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  1. Thanks for sharing Henry. As a kid, I loved this author. Obviously we’re reading his book Holes in class. But have you ever read the books called Wayside Stories by him? They’re very American (super easy reads) and very funny.

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