Beech class (END)

Well this is the end. Isnt it. I will miss you so much. I have great memories in school and out of school like when me and Macy got lost in the mase. I had great friends (every one). Even if I would be 1 hour away I would never forget the people in my class, you guys are the best. We are all doing our separate ways but hopefully we will never forget each other well I won’t. YOU ARE THE BEST! I remember when we went to Sayers Croft, and I had a great time I remember at night we watched a movie, the movie was called The Minoans it was alright, I guess.

Book Review- TimeRiders

Author : Alex Scarrow

AR Points : 16

Book Level : 5.7

Hi everyone, this book is the first book of the amazing series( you need to read the later books to find out more). It takes place when Liam O’Connor, Maddy Carter and Sal Vikram should have died but were rescued by a time traveller called Foster. They then get welcomed and introduced to each other. Foster explains that time should always, no matter what, go one way.

The plot is when a bad guy called Paul Kramer finds a time-travelling machine after 2044 and goes back in time to help the Nazis win the war, and before you say  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, New York-which is their base- is turned into a wasteland so Liam has to go back in time to stop him……….

Overall, this book’s series is very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who loves adventure and being hooked to books.


Leavers Message for you :)

Hey guys, it’s Elena!

As you may know, we are leaving Year 6 on the 21st July. I’m very sad, and I’m sure you all are feeling the same too! I wanted to write you a leavers message.

You see, I came to All Saints in year 2, so that means I’ve been here for 4 years! I started off having Alexa as my friend since we had the same birthday. Throughout the years, I’ve had such a great time – some of you I might have known for a while, like maybe a year or 2, but I will still miss you as much as everyone else in the class. I just wanted to wish you good luck in your new schools! Some of you might be going with some friends, and some of you might be going alone. We will all find new friends, I know! It’s an emotional time! 🙁 You know, before I was year 6, I was super nervous. I thought it was going to be really hard, but guess what? It turned out to be the best year ever. I love you all (as friends and best friends!) But I have most of your numbers and emails, so we’ll stay in touch 🙂 Good luck in High school!

Diary of a wimpy kid book review

This book is written like a diary but WAY more FUNNY! It’s about a boy called Greg who is starting in middle school. He is trying to fit in, even though he hasn’t had a growth spurt yet. So he is stuck in classes with people who are MUCH bigger and he is regularly picked on by his older brother Roderick. The kids at his school started this thing called THE  CHEESE touch. A piece of cheese was left on the basket ball pich and got mouldy. Then, sombody touched it and the only way to stop having it was to pass it on to sombody else. Then this new boy got it and soon after left, taking the cheese touch with him. Will he get it and start it all over again? Read it to find out.

I really enjoyed this book because it is very funny and my favourite bit is when his mum forces him to be in the school play. The play is the Wizard of Oz and he signs up to be a tree, so that he could throw apples at his worst enemy who is playing dorothy. Unforunately there is no apple throwing in the script, instead the trees have to sing an incredibly bad song. When his family come to see him, he refuses to sing and dorothy yells at them to sing. All the trees do then throw apples at dorothy making her fall off the stage.

(This is an AR book)

by S@muel


I was 8 when I had to leave. My dad had been marching off to war when I got on the train, I tried to get his attention by shouting I shouted louder and louder. I started waving, there was no point since he was taking no notice of me. Eventually my big sister,  Holly grabbed my arm and pushed it firmly on my lap ” Stop it” she said “You’ll draw attention to yourself ” I didn’t care I just wanted to get dads attention and say goodbye before I left. When I shouted again she grabbed my hand but this time she wouldn’t let go. I tried to struggle out of it but all it did was make her hand get tighter around my small wrists. She was holding my wrists so tight I couldn’t feel them anymore. Suddenly a wave of sadness passed right through me. I told my sister, who was still  holding my wrist, how I felt. There was no point in telling her she just told me to get over it and move on that was no surprise, she always said that. I suddenly heard the clicking sound of the train against the track. We started to get faster as we went off into the distance.

When we arrived at our new house I saw some other children about our age. I was a bit confused at first because I thought that we were supposed to be the only children there.

The other children there was one boy and two girls. The boy was called Oliver, he was 9 years old he was quite tall with a bit of a flat nose which seemed to touch his top lip. The girls names were Alice and Louise, Alice was quite plump with short blonde hair with round glasses and hazel eyes. Next to her was Louise, almost the exact the exact opposite of alice tall skinny girl with long auburn hair.

The lady who had taken me in was a friend of my parents so she had said that she would take care of me during the war. I have never met her before but my mum said that she is nice. I was exited to meet her.

My mum was right about her being nice, she was always caring and when we needing something she showed no hesitation to get it for us. My only problem with living at her house was that I had to share a room with Alice and Louise. I like them but they are a bit fussy , when I got into our room, Louise said she wanted my bed I was happy to give it to her. When I moved bed Alice decided she wanted my new bed. After this I basically went crazy at them. I think that I was shouting at them for 20 minutes straight. Louise was glaring at me for the rest of the day. As you can imagine, this made me feel quite uncomfortable.

I’m just glad she didn’t tell on me I would never  have heard the end of it. I guess this didn’t turn out to badly.







my favourite memory!

My favourite memory is when Connor fell in the pond at Sayers Croft. This is my favourite memory because Connor caught a fish in his boot! It was very funny and people laughed about it for ages. Also Damian fell into the same pool.

YR 7 already!?

I can’t believe that this year is nearly over! I mean..high school? HIGH SCHOOL!?!?!?!! Its going all way to fast! the fact of thinking about it just makes my eyes water! 🙁 I can’t beleive I might not see any of you wacky people, ever again!

so I’d just like to say..I will miss you guys lots and even in 20 years when I’m all old, I’ll still remember this crazy class!

World Book Day

Hi guys, this is a story I wrote (supposed to be!) short story, but it went on a bit for exactly 550 words(excluding title) inspired by the author when he came!


The sun blistered down as the lone figure sprinted past a teetering pile of rusted, discarded bikes. Bringing his pistol round, he aimed at the two sentries at the gate. The only sound that emitted from the elongated barrel was a faint “POP, followed by another round. The half-crushed grass whispered beneath the bodies. Moving cautiously, the assailant crept in.

Ripping his mask off, the attacker pulled on the guard’s clothes, though sodden with blood, and picked up the murdered troop’s rifle. He had to get the data out of the facility before the imminent missile strike rained down on his head. Now striding, he entered the building. Unfortunately, he was stopped by an officer running towards him.

“We have an intruder at the gates, and he’s armed, get down there-now!”

“Wa-,” he had forgotten how he was dressed, but quickly checked himself,

”yes Sir!”


He ran to the gate, but doubled back, and headed to where  he knew the briefing room to be. Slipping a knife out of it’s holster, he stepped back into an alcove as a armoured soldier strolled past. As soon as he passed, he slipped out, adopted a light tread, and followed the guard. As the unknowing soldier stopped he slid the knife across the unprotected throat, cutting it open in a wide smile. The newly sodden spy walked past his carcass. Another door was closed, but he knew it was where he needed to be. Checking the rifle’s action, he flung open it open sending a volley of bullets before him. A moan slipped through the mouth of a close-to-dead officer. He had been in the process of stuffing food into his mouth, and grease trails streaked his face. Sauntering over, he picked up some food: succulent strawberries; a few burnt sausages; and a handful of grapes. As he paced across the room, he plucked food out of it’s place and packed it into his mouth.

“What are you doing?” a voice rang out.

He could recognise the cold metal of a barrel against his head. Slowly he raised his hands, but he was tense. As soon as the barrel slackened, he slammed his head back, knocking the barrel away. He pulled out the knife and stabbed the guard repeatedly in the gut. Leaving the body slumped on the floor, he continued his pace. Many voices drifted out of an open entrance to the briefing room and silhouettes from the bright light inside were dancing across the wall. Hefting a grenade from his belt, he worked the pin loose. Tossing it in, he stepped away from the open doors. A loud ”bang” and several screams greeted him, along with the barrel of a shotgun. A young man was lying on the floor, his legs blown off in a bloody pulp, his eye a mangled mess and he was trying to keep his intestine in, but they were spilling out. His eyes wide, but his aim was steady. The spy’s muscles were stiff, but he managed to roll out of the barrels reach and send a round into the man’s head.  He was rewarded by a sudden spurt of blood. On a charred table stood the datapad- remarkably unscathed. Grabbing it, he shot a window, and climbed out, leaving the corpses behind him.


My Goals

. My goal is to master my times tables and to be able to do them without any help.

My goal is to be able read bigger books that are worth more points on AR.

. My goal is to hold my breath under water for 40 seconds.

. My goal is to be better to my brother and not got into arguments when there is a fight between us.

Teacher Awards

Do you have a teacher that has inspired you to be a better person? Someone who has motivated you to produce higher quality work? Someone who was there for you when you felt lost or alone? Then consider filling out a thank you card for them via the following link:

Teacher Awards

Any submissions will be sent a card free of charge… so why not?

Sadly, we’ve missed the award side of it for this year. But they will keep your nomination/thank you towards next year’s awards.

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